Review: Francesco Group Birmingham

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to have my hair cut at the Francesco Group salon here in Birmingham. Francesco Group is one of the largest hairdressing companies in the UK. They have award winning salons across the UK, which is pretty impressive for a family business that began in a van! I went along to the Birmingham salon, which is in House of Fraser. For reference purposes, here’s the before.


Excuse the bathroom selfie, I forgot to get a proper before shot, so snapped this in House of Fraser’s toilets before my appointment! My hair was LONG, which I liked, but it was getting in my way a lot, and the ends were in dreadful condition. Lack of funds and time meant it was a while since I got my hair cut last, so I had a lot of dry, split ends, which needed to be got rid of. So, off I went to the salon.

The salon is on House of Fraser’s ground floor, just off the beauty hall. It’s chic, and simple and immediately struck me as relaxing. I was greeted at reception, settled in a comfy chair to wait, and offered a drink. Honestly, if I’d accepted every offer of drinks, I’d have drowned in tea. Super attentive staff. Awesome.

James, the salon’s Creative Director, took me into the salon. We had a chat about my hair, it’s condition and what I wanted from the cut. I decided to take advantage of someone as skilled as James in charge of my hair and let him suggest a cut. He took into account my want for a low maintenance style.

After having my hair washed, James got to work. He was super nice, and just the right amount of chatty. I’m not usually one to natter away with my hairdresser, but James was friendly and chatty without overdoing it, so I found myself much more open to conversation. When he’d finished cutting, we had a chat about styling. The cut I have suits my desire to just wash it and go, but also gives me the option to do something more exciting. James waved it slightly to show me a possibility.


I grabbed a quick selfie on the train (actually to send my mum) so you can get an idea of the cut salon-fresh! I’m delighted. It’s a lot shorter, but it’s lighter and fresher for Spring, and it feels much healthier for being rid of those dead ends. The waved style was fantastic too, and definitely one I’ll be recreating. Everyone in the salon I spoke to was incredibly nice, and made me feel so relaxed and welcomed. I’ll definitely be back.

The new cut passed the all important boyfriend test, and Tom took a couple more pictures for me when I got home.

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Massive thank you to Francesco Group for the invitation to try out their services, the lovely staff who took such  good care of me, and especially James for the new ‘do. If you’re in Birmingham, definitely go and see them, or see if there’s one of the other 30 branches near you. The website is here, if you want to find your nearest salon, or book an appointment.