Project Wonder Woman #5



Finding some pictures for this post has made me release how few pictures there are of me and Tom together. There’s one or two from before we were together, from friend’s parties, a selection from the first time I came to visit him in Coventry (never thought I’d be living here a year after that!), a handful from Comic Con, with one or two images in between. We both appear in a few group shots, but there’s not all that many of just us. Tom, if you’re reading, we’re fixing that. More pictures!

Anyway, Tom left for Cambridge last night, and started his new job today. I said goodbye on the pavement outside our flat, after helping load his dad’s car with his stuff. Going back inside on my own was strange. I couldn’t look back at him after saying goodbye; self preservation. The flat seemed incredibly quiet, and the few gaps left where he’d taken some of his things seemed enormous. There were a few tears, but I won’t be moping. I decided I’d be better off having a busy evening, rather than sitting and feeling sorry for myself. Three hours later, the flat was the tidiest it’s ever been! A tidy home helps for a tidy mind, I think, and I feel better for blasting through some of those little niggly tidying jobs I’d been putting off. We’re pretty good at keeping things at an acceptable level, but there’s been bits like hanging mirrors, flattening the last boxes and clearing those surfaces that become dumping grounds. I spent the rest of my evening watching Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23 on Netflix, and pinning half of Ikea. I’m full of plans to get our home finished. And it still is our home. Not mine. Tom will home as often as he can, and he’ll be back for good at some point too. This is a stage we need, so Tom can get that all important first rung of the career ladder locked down. We can get some money saved, to finish our flat, to save for a holiday…short-term, this isn’t fun at all, but in the long-run, this will be so much better.

It’s been a weekend of bad eating, with meals out and treats because Tom was going, but I’ve got back on track today. I think my workout routine will improve too. Partly because keeping busy will be much better, and partly because I won’t be prioritizing time with Tom over time working out. Silver linings and all that.