Girl Crush: Kat Dennings


My list of girl crushes is getting out of hand. The latest lady I kind of wish I was is the glorious Kat Dennings.

Where to begin? The figure? The face? The wit? The films?

I vaguely remember seeing Kat in an episode of Sex and The City, but it wasn’t love until Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist. I really think this film is underrated; great music, and a cute and quirky rom-com plot-line. I loved Kat in it, admiring her acting and that beautiful face. And then there was 2 Broke Girls.

I could write one of these posts about Kat’s character Max Black. I was always going to love a character like Max; she’s independent, sarcastic, and she’s mouthy. The show has it’s problems, but the two central characters are so much fun to watch, and anything with Kat Dennings was sure to rate highly on my list.

Seeing Kat in both Thor movies was exciting too; she deserves to be SO much wider known than she is. Darcy makes me laugh so much, and just goes to show what a brilliant comedic actress Kat really is.

She’s funny in ‘real life’ too; her Twitter account is a highlight in my timeline without fail. She often posts selfies with her cat, live-tweets 2 Broke Girls episodes, and tweets about food a lot.

Let’s be real for a moment; it’s awesome to see a woman with Kat’s shape in Hollywood. Super skinny shapes are so often held up as the ideal, so it’s refreshing to have something different out there. Kat could rival Christina Hendricks in the curves stakes.

Plus, apparently she dated Tom Hiddleston back in 2010. Girl got taste.