Friday Round Up

Links, loves and lomograms from the last week. Let’s catch up with 100 Happy Days.


Day 25 – Reduced giant Aero? Don’t mind if I do!
Day 26 – Hello sweetie…
Day 27 – Gorgeous pink blossom on my walk home from the station
Day 28 – Fell in love with Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23. Mostly love it for how hysterical James Van Der Beek is as himself in this.
Day 29 – Reading Terry Pratchett on the train
Day 30 – I got the latest collection of the Wonder Woman comics. Still not convinced by her backstory in these New 52 comics, but the comics are still good.
Day 31 – He’s home 🙂

Hello there, four day weekend! Tom’s home, after his first week at the new job in Cambridge. As I type, we’re waiting on the arrival of one of our mates (the guy who introduced us in fact). We’ll be heading out for some drinks tonight, so I think the bank holiday is off to a good start.

Where have I been online?
Why My Cat Is Sad.
Delightfully Tacky: Femininity.
New Shops Standing.