Project Wonder Woman #2

Starting a mission to get in better shape is a bad plan when your back is playing up. I wanted to be sure my back was settled again before putting too much stress on it, so I wasn’t actually able to do much last week. I did make it for run number 2 of Couch 2 5k though. I think I’ve found a comfortable pace to start off, although if I’m going to get in a 5k in the times the app suggests, I need to build up some more speed. As it’s only week one though, I’m not concerned. Speed will come as I get more used to running. I actually really enjoyed this run; rather than listening to music, I listened to a podcast and found it suitable distracting while I was pounding the pavements. I’ve put my name down for Park Run too, although I’m going to wait a few weeks before going, I think. I want to be a little fitter before I start joining proper runners!

Sunday is officially my rest day, but my back was a little tight when I woke up, so I did a short Blogilates workout to get things moving again. I’m going to count gentle exercise like Pilates, Yoga, walking or swimming as rest anyway. Again, I enjoyed the workout, and I can feel it in my abs today, which is nice. I like knowing it’s working!

I was meant to be getting up early this morning for Day One of the 30 Day Shred, but after a restless night, I prioritised the extra hour of sleep! I’m not concerned; as long it doesn’t become a habit, I need to listen to my body when it says no.This isn’t a bootcamp, it’s a health change.

Foodwise…well, Tom and I had a bad Saturday, as we decided to make ourselves a big breakfast, and then accidentally discovered a crazy place that delivers burgers, steak, milkshakes, cookie dough and cheesecake. So that happened. One cheeseburger, hot cookie dough and a Skittles milkshake later, I have no regrets. I’m on my best behavior this week though!