Favourite Places in Bath

My mum reminded me on Sunday that it was about this time this year that she and I travelled down to Bath to look at flats for me. It was actually only the third time I’d ever visited Bath (I must have been mad!), and it was absolutely freezing the day we came to look.


A year later, I’m still here, in that little flat we looked at that day. In honour of nearing the end of my first year in Bath, I thought I’d share some of my favourite places in Bath.

The Coffee Shop – The Society Cafe

Society Cafe Bath

This little cafe is fabulous; the interior is modern and cool, and they have a great area in the square at the front to sit when the weather is warm. They also sell a huge array of tea, coffee and delicious cakes. It’s become a favourite spot to sit with my laptop and a coffee.

The Cafe – Roscoff Deli

Roscoff Deli Bath

Run by a Sicilian, this cafe is a little blast of Italy. The counter downstairs is total temptation zone with meats, cheeses and cakes. If you’re in Bath, head here and order an Italian Hot Chocolate. Incredible.

The Restaurant – Cosy Club

Cosy Club Bath

This could easily apply for my bar pick too; their cocktails are amazing! But this is one of my favourite places in Bath. Inside, it’s a real hodge podge of old furniture and pictures, and it just looks fab. The terrace is a gorgeous place for dinner, and their menu is stunning. Good food, good wine list and great cocktails. Winner.

The Bar – The Common Room

Common Room Bath

This place is probably home to the smallest dancefloor in the world. It’s tiny. However, this bar has some serious character. It’s pricey, but so worth it. If you time it right, you can have the whole upstairs room and it’s cosy leather sofas pretty much to yourself. The staff are all slightly mad, but really nice, and they know their drinks.

The Pub – The Raven

The Raven Bath

The Raven is a proper old man drinking pub. If you’re an Ale fan, they always have a good selection on, as well as a good range of spirits. I’ve been in here a lot, for cosy drinks and a chat, and I love the place. I hear they do good pies as well, but I’ve never sampled myself.


So there you have it. Any of you Bathonians or regular visitors? Where are your favourite spots?