Bath Fashion Museum

Laura Ashley Exhibit

On Saturday, I decided I needed a respite from the heat, so set off for a visit to the Fashion Museum. I’ve been before (you can read about it here), but since my last visit they’ve changed the main exhibit, and they had a smaller exhibit of Laura Ashley classics, which is still quite new.

Laura Ashley dresses

I’m not a Laura Ashley girl, but it was interesting to see so many of the designs from the company’s history all together. Their look hasn’t changed much!

What I really went for was the 50 Fabulous Frocks exhibit. For the fiftieth anniversary of the museum, they’ve selected 50 outfits from the archives to display altogether. There’s everything from classic 19th century ballgowns to the iconic Vivienne Westwood bondage trousers.

50 fabulous frocksFeather Dress

This feather dress was worn by the famous ballet dancer, Margot Fonteyn, in the nightclubs of New York with her partner Rudolf Nureyev. Isn’t it fantastic? Perhaps a bit much for a night out in Bath though.

50s outfits

I had a nose around the regular collection, as well. I love this 1950s ensemble, especially the skirt.

Fashion MuseumFashion Museum

They’d also updated the Dress of the Year since my last visit. Each year, one outfit is selected by a fashion journalist to be the Dress of the Year. Here’s the dress for 2012.

Dress of the Year 2012Dress of the Year

I love having this great museum on my doorstep; as a local resident, I can get in free, but even without, the museum is great value at around £8. I’ll be back as soon as there’s a new exhibit in.