The Happy List

Yesterday, in my ranty, stroppy mood, I set off into the depths of the internet looking for something cheerful.
I found a really fun little article over at xoJane, about those silly, small things that make you happy. The original list contains things like dancing to David Bowie songs, and dogs with one ear folded inside out. The comments were even better, listing ‘dog wrists’, and toddlers hugging your knees.

Reading them all definitely made me smile, and I started thinking about all these daft things that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I thought it’d be fun to share some of those with you.

  • Cat headbutts
  • Creme eggs
  • Seeing Tom waiting for me at the train station, before he’s noticed me (I don’t know why, but this is the BEST).
  • Sarah from Essbeevee drunk tweeting. That makes me howl with laughter.
  • Stationery. Pens, notebooks…gimme.
  • Bookshops
  • Having a new book to read
  • Star Wars
  • The Buffy theme song
  • David Tennant making this face:
  • Getting nice things in the post
  • High-fives
  • Brunch
  • Singing loudly and badly in the car with my best friends
  • Otters holding hands
  • Fist bumping
  • How awesome your hair feels right after you leave the hairdresser
  • Having obnoxiously bright Barbie pink finger nails
  • Tom’s slightly manic giggle when he can’t stop laughing
  • Finding money in the pocket of a coat or jacket you haven’t worn for a while
  • The fact that Tom’s cat has so much fluff on her paws, it sticks up in tufts between her toes. (I love that cat).
  • Hearing terrible 90s songs I used to love. It has to be unexpectedly though
  • Making queue friends at Muse gigs
  • Hilarious auto-correct errors
  • Talking to someone until stupid o’clock in the morning
I asked Tom about the silly things that make him happy, and actually really enjoyed hearing his list too. Tom likes otters holding hands the same as me, but he’s also a fan of freshly cooked baguettes with cheap bacon, fake accents, jokes that end in ‘awkward’, and ‘man hugs’, which is that thing where guys hug but look slightly angry about it, apparently.
My best friend, Annette, likes your mum jokes, saying ‘boo’ as a conversation opener and the mineral water advert with the dancing mole.
What’s on your list?
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