Scenes from Easter


1 – 2. This is Tom’s cat, Moo, also known as Fluffs. She spent her bank holiday weekend using me as a cat bed and murdering straws. She’s very cute and definitely keeps me entertained. Even if my stuff is covered in cat hair now.
3. Easter goodies! This little stash was from Tom’s mum. I’m chomping on the sheep now. I also had a swanky Green and Blacks egg from Tom’s dad, but that didn’t survive the train journey home last night. Nom.
4. A quick snap Tom took on my phone on Friday night. Excuse the drunken grin.

I spent the bank holiday weekend in Coventry with Tom, which ended up being pretty busy. We had an accidental heavy night of drinking with his work-mates on Friday, which was so much fun. They’re a really nice bunch, even if I drank way more than planned and told Tom off for mocking me. Oops.

We did a lot of film watching, fitting in some films I hadn’t managed to see yet like The Amazing Spiderman and Ratatouille (loved it!) as well as some old favourites, like Tarzan. We also watched Argo, which I wasn’t expecting to enjoy all that much, but was actually really good. I wouldn’t recommend watching it hungover though; you definitely want your powers of concentration functioning.

Obviously, we watched the new Dr Who. Thoughts so far? Not the most thrilling season opener, but it was alright, and I think I’m going to like the new assistant when I stop pining for the Ponds. What did you guys think?

We also fitted in lunch out, a visit to the pub and dinner with Tom’s mum, after which I don’t think I’ll ever need to eat again. Full forever.

I also spent a lot of time doing this:

cat cuddles

What did you lot do with the long weekend?

Oh, and if you haven’t already, have a little click on the image below…

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