Doctor Who Experience

Spoilers ahead! If you don’t wanna know what’s in the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff, read no further!

Dr Who ExperienceDr Who Adventures

In a word? AWESOME! The Experience bit is pretty big. You’re led through a series of mock-ups of the sets, with video clips from the Doctor. The Doctor has ended up trapped in a second Pandorica and you have to bring him the TARDIS. Of course, on the way, you have to fly the TARDIS, face off against the Daleks and escape the Weeping Angels. The attention to detail is brilliant, and even the most hard-core Whovians would be pleased, I think.

After the Experience, you move through into the Exhibition. Here we found:

Tom Baker costume

Costumes of all the past Doctors, including Tom Baker and David Tenant;

David Tenant costume

control panels of previous incarnations of the TARDIS;

Tenant Tardis controls

several versions of the TARDIS itself;


a highly creepy chap in a fantastic costume as one of The Silence (the way he moved was TERRIFYING);

The Silence

some classic Doctor Who baddies, like the Cybermen;


and the Daleks! Pretty much all the villians were there, with some displays of how they’re made. There were also costumes of various companions and guest stars, and of course, we found K9. There were some great props too, including the Doctor’s cot, several Sonic Screwdrivers and the keys to the TARDIS.


The Doctor Who Experience was fantastic, to be frank. And a total bargain. It cost us £13 each to get in, which when you consider we were in there for quite a while, is pretty good value. I of course came home with my own Sonic Screwdriver too, a replica of Tenant’s.

And of course, we couldn’t leave with visiting Ianto’s memorial.

Ianto Jones memorial

And seeing as we were in the Bay, it would have been rude not to take a ride on the carousel. Here you can see Netty trying out her new Sonic Screwdriver. It clearly made the horses faster.


All in all, I actually had a really good weekend. We stayed with my best friend on Friday night, and a night in that house really is a cure for everything. You always leave feeling better. After my post the other night, it won’t come as a surprise that Ronan and I are going our separate ways. I’m upset, obviously, but I feel quite calm about it tonight. We’ll be friends, I know, so for know, I can just love him and wait until we’re able to be friends instead. It’s hard still being in love with someone who no longer loves you, but at the moment, I’m feeling ok. Here’s hoping I stay that way.