Red Dragon: Rock The Red Pump Project

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  • Wales shirt
  • Shorts from Ebay (Bay, originally I think)
  • Converse shoes

The Red Pump Project is actually an American movement, but I figure, the internet is global and it’s a pretty badass cause, so here I am, taking part in Rock The Red Pump.

In America, March 10th is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, as set up by the Office of Women’s Health. For the fourth year running, they’re aiming to spread the word by getting bloggers to rock their own red pump look.

I’ve spoken before about what’s happening in America regarding women’s sexual health, so I think this year the project is even more relevant. In the States, a woman tests positive for HIV or AIDS every 47 minutes. Just imagine how much worse that statistic would be if the access to information, protection and tests does become as limited as certain American politicians seem to want it to be. The whole thing is lunacy if you ask me.

So, where am I off to in my red pump look? The shirt should be a giveaway. I’m heading off to the pub with some friends to watch the Wales v Italy game.

Cymru am byth!