Playing House

I don’t know what’s come over me lately. I’ve suddenly got obsessed with interior design. My mum always watched all the old decorating and house-hunting shows (Changing Rooms and the House Doctor, anyone?) and still likes the odd bit of Location, Location, Location. She claims this is because she likes nosing at other people’s houses.
I also like the odd nosy, I’ll confess. I very much enjoyed viewing flats when Mum and I moved for this exact reason.

Lately, I’ve started following nearly as many home and design blogs as I do style ones. I can’t get enough at gawping at beautiful living-rooms, sleek kitchens, cosy bedrooms…and I think it’s not only being nosy. Although I do still enjoy that.
I don’t know if it’s because I’ll be graduating soon, or if I’m just starting think like a ‘grown-up’ at least occasionally, but I have houses and homes on the brain at the moment. There are some beautiful houses in the area I live. I have a favourite picked out and everything. It’s sort of old-school gothicky looking, with beautiful wrought iron twirly bits and balconies and a massive sun-room type attachment on the side. I like it because it has such character and is slightly odd. I’ve always enjoyed houses with split levels and half staircases, and I get the impression this house is like that. Somewhat hap-hazard in a fantastic way.

My inspiration folder is getting quite full of images I love of houses I’d like to live in. I thought I’d share some of the elements I’m sure will find their way into whatever and wherever my future home is.

apartment therapyapartment therapy2apartmenttherapy3

All images are from Apartment Therapy. So, it seems I love pops of bright, unexpected colour, rustic style for bedrooms (it just looks so cosy), plush fabrics and trinkets galore. And I want a Victorian house. Actually, I’d love a Victorian house. The inside of this one has been really modernised, and is incredibly beautiful, but I don’t think I could ever take out period features from a place this. I love the stained glass, wood floors, ceramic tile floors in gorgeous patterns, fireplaces…I’d never be able to part with those if I owned a Victorian era property.

What’s your dream house like?