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Independent Birmingham Festival, Summer 2019

The Gold Bar - Urban Cheesecake

The Independent Birmingham Festival is like a foodie’s Christmas. Independent food brands, delicious things to eat, gorgeous drinks and a whole host of incredible local traders in the market hall. Six months ago, I’d have told you I didn’t really like beer, but thanks to a few awesome beer events, I’m learning I actually do …


The Bad Bride Diaries: Tips For Having Your Wedding Dress Designed

What happens when you have your wedding dress designed for you?

You may remember that I didn’t particularly enjoy my visit to a bridal shop in search of a wedding dress. I hadn’t expected to be fussy, but it turns out I really am. Instead of put myself through more frustration in the temples of tulle, I decided to look into having a wedding dress designed. …

Fairs and Festivals, Food & Drink

Independent Birmingham Festival

Dragon Strips

The best way to celebrate a birthday is with food, friends and approximately a million dogs. Luckily for me, Independent Birmingham conveniently hosted their spring festival on the same weekend as my birthday, and that festival is the best celebration of all those things. Don’t believe me? Check out what I ate and drank all …