Reasons I am Robin Scherbatsky

Have you ever felt an affinity with a fictional character? You know you have a fictional twin when  other people in your life keep telling you about it too. There are a lot of reasons I am Robin Scherbatksy, of How I Met Your Mother, and I spend a lot of time being told “Oh my God, you are Robin!” Here’s why…

Robin Scherbatsky feelings

Feelings are not my favourite

Not where people can see them, anyway. Sure, I have them, I just prefer to keep my cards close to my chest. Public displays of emotion are not for me, whether they’re mine or other peoples’.  Robin, I understand your discomfort.

Reasons I am Robin Scherbatsky

We’re both a tiny bit scary

So people tell me anyway. This probably comes from that whole displaying no emotions thing. Oops?


We have our priorities straight

Is that a cake? Let’s be best friends? Are we going out? Great, what are we eating first? Let’s go and get incredible burgers. Robin and I know what’s really important.


Gender norms? Nah!

One of my favourite things about Robin is how she messes with gender norms. She’s attractive, well-dressed and feminine, but also has a lot of so-called ‘masculine’ traits with her taste for whiskey, hockey and cigars. As a girly girl who enjoys rugby, american football and a good pint of cider, I can relate.


We like the finer things in life. Like alcohol.

In a healthy way, obviously… Robin and I both appreciate a large glass of wine after a rough day. Or a Monday. After a day.


We prefer to run the show

Trust us. It’s better this way. We’re happier, and we’re a bit scary, remember? Best to just give us our own way.


Kids make us very uncomfortable

Nope. Scary and unpredictable. And sticky. And why do babies come with a self destruct button? Terrifying! Congratulations on your baby and everything, but no, I do not want to hold it.

giphy (1) We’re geeks

Robin references Harry Potter kind of often. I can understand the need to reference your fandom of choice. Constantly. Wear your geekdom with pride!


Anyone else had their personality stolen for TV?

Friday Round Up

Links, loves and Instagrams from the last week. It’s the Friday Round Up!

Friday Round Up

1. Photo booth silliness at a friend’s wedding. 2. Coffee break

Last weekend was the best. I headed off to Cardiff for a weekend of celebrations with friends and family. As you may have seen in the weekend vlog, Saturday was spent getting the Christmas decorations up at my Dad’s. We got the tree decorated and the house is super festive now, with everything covered in lights and garlands. I am so excited to be back there next week for Christmas. Saturday night was wonderful. I went to the wedding reception of one of my old school friends and his lovely new wife, who I knew at college. They’re a gorgeous couple, and the wedding was lovely. It was very surreal to be a part of the wedding of someone I’ve known so long, but I’m so pleased I got to celebrate with them. Guys, if you’re reading…I’ve already said it all. Thank you for making me a part of it. Huge, enormous love to you both!

There were about 8 of us from high school there, including some people I haven’t seen in years, so it was so good to catch up. We got our silly dance on, took over the photo booth and ate our weight in pick and mix sweets. Sunday was more family time and back home to Birmingham.

This week seems to have shot by. I am busy at work getting everything finished for the Christmas break, and I am so excited. By the time you read this, David and I will have seen Star Wars. Would you guys be interested in a review? Otherwise…no spoilers from me!

This week’s links:
Why Wonder Woman matters.
Instagram Husbands. This made me laugh a lot.
How to balance blogging and a full-time job.
Feeling guilty for not wanting children. Really thought-provoking piece.
Are we all Osgood? Interesting look at Osgood as the representation of Doctor Who fans.

Watching: Still Vlogmas. I’m hooked.

Reading: Shopping, Seduction & Mr Selfridge by Lindy Woodhead. I really enjoyed the ITV series about Selfridge’s. I love the London store a lot, and this book is really interesting. Harry Selfridge totally revolutionised shopping in the UK.

Listening to:

Absolutely Fabulous Life Lessons

Last week, the team behind Absolutely Fabulous announced the release date for the Absolutely Fabulous movie. It’ll be hitting our screens in the UK on 1 July 2016. I’m way too excited. I loved the TV series, and can still quote rather a lot of it. So in honour of the announcement, I thought I’d share some life lessons (not always good ones…) we probably all learned from Eddie and Patsy.

Fashion is actually pretty bloody important


You’d better know your Stellas from your Viviennes. In the Edina Monsoon School of Fashion, we learn that as long you’re draped in labels, you’ll always look great. (Disclaimer: Follow this one at your own risk of looking insane).

Why save Champagne for special occasions when it can be enjoyed any time?


There’s no point saving things for best, is there? Just enjoy things while you can, including the champers.

A sharp comeback is important to have on hand at all times.

Witty Comebacks

Patsy is Queen of the icy response, and we love her for it. It’s important to be able to defend yourself.

Ignore the haters.


They’re only trying to cramp your style and ruin all the fun anyway.

Believe in yourself and your own coolness.


If you believe it hard enough, so will everyone else.

Thinking about going on a diet is basically the same as actually going on one.


The same rule applies to exercise.


It’s the thought that counts, right?

Early mornings are evil.


Avoid them whenever possible.

Alcohol will punish you.


It’s all fun and games until the morning after.

Most important of all though, is a best friend just as mad as you are.



Anyone else a little over-excited that this is happening? The cameos they’ve been announcing are insane. Naturally Emma Bunton will appear, but they’ve also got Jerry Hall, Joan Collins, Chris Colfer, Barry Humphries…

Now, sweetie darlings, let’s crack open the Bolly and celebrate.