Pin-Up Rogue

Pin-up Rogue

I’ve got a new cosplay to share with you today. After a year of cosplaying as Rogue (MCM Birmingham in March 2015 was the first time I wore that cosplay), she’s become my signature piece and the cosplay I am best known for on the circuit. As a character, Rogue has had a lot of looks over the years. My standard is drawn from the Jim Lee designed costume, most famous as her look in the 90s X-Men cartoons (although mine does have a couple of ‘me’ twists). I am planning on recreating a couple more of Rogue’s looks, but I’ve also been working on a couple of my own versions.

One of those versions is Pin-Up Rogue. I was inspired by this artwork by lovelyzitalee, and thought it was absolutely gorgeous. I love the pin-up style anyway, so bringing that together with my favourite superhero was a no-brainer. My costume is not a direct copy of the art, but is based on it.

Retro Rogue

I think there are a couple more tweaks I want to make but when I had the chance of having a shoot with Jane of Red Rogue Photography, there was no way I wasn’t taking my new Rogue. I want to add Rogue’s iconic belt in somewhere, but with her signature colours and the white streaks incorporated in victory rolls, I think this is still recognisably Rogue. There’s always a risk with a concept like this that you lose the original character. This still feels like Rogue to me. I chose shapes that we do see her wear ‘off duty’, like her famous picnic outfit with the off the shoulder crop top in yellow polka dots. Those shapes with her uniform colours make a cosplay I am very pleased with. It also excites me that I got to use the Gambit necklace from Snikt and Bamf‘s Safe Harbour Card necklace box.

Pin-up cosplay

We even got the Coca-Cola bottle in. A pin-up classic. This version of Rogue is something different for me. It’s the first time I’ve messed with an existing character like this, and it’s a little more flesh-flashing than I’m generally comfortable with, but this cosplay feels playful and pin-up and cute.

I’ll be taking Pin-Up Rogue to MCM Birmngham (her first convention appearance!). If you want to be the first to see my cosplays, photos go up on my Facebook page, which you can like here.



Silk Spectre Cosplay Shoot with Sandy Smith Photography

Silk Spectre Cosplay

I’ve always been a fan of darker comics. It’s the reason I’m a DC fan, there’s often more grit than the shiny world of Marvel (which I do love too, of course). One of the most famous gritty comics is Watchmen. Watchmen was a limited comic book series published in the late 80s. It tells the story of a group of superheroes, from the 40s (Minutemen) and 60s (Watchmen), who helped America win the Vietnam war. With the threat of nuclear war hanging over them, the American government outlaw costumed vigilantes in 1985, and our heroes retire or begin working for the government.

One of these heroes is the Silk Spectre. The first Silk Spectre was Sally Jupiter (the second is Laurie, Sally’s daughter), a former waitress and burlesque dancer. Sally began fighting crime in around 1938, and become a huge sex symbol, whom villains didn’t really mind being caught by.

Sally Jupiter cosplay

Sally was soon invited to join the Minutemen, after her agent placed an ad in the paper seeking other costumed heroes. More It-Girl then superhero, Sally is the only Minuteman to have an agent…

I do love a not-quite-good guy, and Sally certainly fits that. Fame hungry and calculating, Sally saw her crime-fighting career as a stepping stone to stardom. Later, she pushes daughter Laurie into training to take over as Silk Spectre.

Watchmen Cosplay

I’m fascinated by pin-up girls, so the combination of 40s pin-up icon and costumed hero makes Silk Spectre a perfect character for me. I adore the costume designed for her for the Watchmen movie by Michael Wilkinson. To me, it feels much more classic pin-up than Sally’s look in the comics. Most of this costume was bought, I’m afraid, with layers of bodysuit and waist cincher and dance tights! The yellow ‘dress’ was made to my measurements by Stephanie Kyles. Steph is actually a bridal wear specialist, which made her a great choice for working with the floaty fabrics of Sally’s costume. She did a perfect job for me. In some of these shots, you can see the gorgeous corset style detailing at the neck.

Minutemen Cosplay

For this shoot, I worked with Sandy Smith Photography. Sandy’s a good friend of mine, and I’ve previously worked with him on a Lara Croft shoot. We wanted the location to fit with the glamour of Sally’s world, even if we couldn’t find anything era specific. We ended up using the bar of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Docklands, a few minutes walk from the convention. The staff were great, and were quite happy for me to climb all over their furniture and distract their patrons.

Silk Spectre costume

I really wanted to create the feel of those 40s pin-up babes and Sally’s burlesque past, and spent the week before looking at a lot of classic pin-up art for inspiration, as well as concept art and other cosplayers of Sally. Sandy totally understood what I wanted, and created this gorgeous warm light, designed to create those deep shadows. The bar is actually a lot more modern than these photos suggest, but with clever lighting, it feels like the darker world of Watchmen. We worked from a selection of reference images, with poor Sandy crawling around on the floor to get the angles he wanted, and David providing posing instructions, holding a light bar and trying to watch the Rugby at the same time. Photoshoots are so glamorous…

Silk Spectre 1

Working with friends on shoots is always enjoyable, but I especially enjoyed this one. I felt much more relaxed than I usually do for shoots and had a lot of fun playing pin-up, even when we went out in the rain to get the shot above! Sandy did a beautiful job, and I love these pictures more every time I look at them. Sally will most definitely be coming back out for more shoots and conventions next year, with a few little tweaks to the costume. I actually am talking to one of my favourite cosplay photographers about a location shoot for Sally sometime at the start of next year. I won’t say any more yet, I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m so excited.

Silk Spectre Pin-Up

What do you think? How did we do?

Gambit and Rogue Cosplay: Shoot With Rob Parker

While we were at LFCC, David and I had a shoot with Robert John Parker – Photographer, in our Gambit and Rogue cosplay team-up. We had so much fun working with Rob, recreating some classic poses, clambering all over rocks and play equipment (who knew a park was such a good spot for a photoshoot), and here are the results!

X-Men Cosplay

Gambit Cosplay

Rogue and Gambit Cosplay

Rogue Cosplay

Gambit and Rogue Cosplay


X-Men Cosplay


Rogue and Gambit Cosplay


Gambit and Rogue Cosplay

Rogue Cosplay David and I always love the chance to work together, particularly with great photographers like Rob. We’ve got a pretty packed con schedule for the rest of the year, and will be attending a few different shoots too, so keep your eyes peeled for a load more photos!