Polka Dot Dress

If you can’t wear a floofy, polka dot dress on your birthday, when can you?

Polka Dot Dress

Denim jacket: New Look. Bag: Primark. Vest top: H&M. Dress: East. Shoes: Marks & Spencer.

This dress is one of my favourites for Spring. It’s so light, and fun, with a lot of movement in the skirt. It’s also really versatile. I’ve dressed it up for date night a few times, with jewellery and a nude heel, but for daytime, I really enjoyed wearing it like this. I’ve had some trouble with my back again the last week, so I couldn’t wear heels, but these little white brogues were a good compromise. Comfortable and cute.

Spring Dressing

The temperature is still all over the shop, so the denim jacket made sure I was warm, but still felt summery. Unfortunately, it didn’t protect me from the torrential downpour that appeared soon after we took these pictures…

Ripped Jeans and Flannel

Primark Outfit

Flannel shirt – Primark. T-shirt – Primark. Jeans – Primark. Belt – gift from my Mum’s holiday in Italy. Shoes – Converse. Fishnet tights. Bag – Michael Kors, thrifted

Having joked the other day about accidentally wearing a whole outfit of Primark…here is an outfit of almost all Primark. Those of you who are eagle-eyed may have noticed these jeans are actually the ones I wear as part of my MJ cosplay. I have a fair few pieces that get worn in both my regular and cosplay wardrobes. Before this, I’d never owned ripped jeans, and hadn’t thought much about them, but I started seeing people pairing them with fishnet tights. University George was really into coloured tights, and this look appealed to that part of me. I might adventure into a darker wash, but I actually really like the pale denim for spring. The weather at the moment swaps back and forth between freezing and almost hot, and I think this layered look works really well for that awkward transitional weather.

How to wear ripped jeans

I’m really enjoying slogan t-shirts at the moment, usually geeky in theme, but I will also buy anything with a reference to coffee on it. I am a complete caffeine addict, and this t-shirt made me laugh, so in the basket it went. The weather was weird when we were out, not cool enough for a jacket, and not warm enough for short sleeves on their own, so I threw this flannel shirt over the top and it sorted out any temperature confusion.

Casual dressing

I feel like I’m in a bit of a shifting stage in my personal style at the moment, a little bit more like the way I dressed at university. I’d moved into a more ‘smart casual’ vibe in recent years, and I love 50s shapes, so I have a lot of skirts and dresses. Recently, I’ve been coming back to jeans and a bit more casual dressing, which I’m actually really liking. I prefer this time of year I think, as I find summer dressing so hard, and winter dressing even worse with all the layers. I am so cold-blooded, so style goes out the window in winter and it’s more about how many jumpers I can put on at once. So chic.

Crop Top and Jeans

How to style a crop top

Jacket – H&M. ‘I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good’ crop top – Primark. High-waisted skinny jeans – Primark. Loafers – Office. Bag – Michael Kors, thrifted

It’s only when you start writing down what you’re wearing that you realise how much you rely on particular brands. I seem to be head to foot in Primark a lot more often than I realised. I actually do majorly rely on their denim though. I’m fussy about jeans; I like them skinny and I like a high-waist, to get a little bit of retro into all my outfits. My pet hate is when skinny jeans don’t hold their shape, and I’ve been through a lot of brands and found they go saggy at the knees. I used to be ride or die for Dororthy Perkins for my denim, but this style from Primark, which is their high-waist super-skinny, is ludicrously cheap, and not a shape loss in sight. Primark do really over dye though, so just be aware you will have purple legs the first few times you wear them…

Primark style

I never thought I’d be a crop top wearer, but this Harry Potter one had to come home with me. I only wear it with high waisted items, and always for casual days, as I’m not entirely convinced by the boxy shape. I love the slogan on it though, so it stays in my wardrobe. The Weasley twins would be proud.

Michael Kors bag

Can we talk about this bag for a second? I found this last week in a charity shop, for the grand price of £9.99. It claims to be a Michael Kors. Having done some googling of ways to tell, I’m pretty sure it’s not actually the genuine article, but for a tenner, it was worth the risk, and I actually really love it. I wear a lot of navy, grey and black, so I can get away with such a loud bag. It’s certainly eye-catching, and I have had so many compliments on it, even being stopped by strangers on the bus. The satchel style makes it really comfortable to carry, and there’s loads of room for all the crap I carry round every day.

What do you think? Too much bag for one look? Or are you here for the colours?