National Lobster Hatchery

Earlier this month, I spent a week in Padstow in Cornwall with my family. While we were there, looking for an escape from a rainy day, we wandered into the National Lobster Hatchery for a look around.

National Lobster Hatchery


The Hatchery is unique marine conservation, research and education charity.  Small coastal communities, like Padstow, often rely on fishing, but with so many fishing spots severely depleted, the Hatchery is trying to help. They aim to conserve the lobster population through education of the public, research and nurturing baby lobsters.

Blue Lobster

In the visitor centre, you can learn about the strange life of a lobster, fishing and sustainable fishing. Lobsters are strange creatures, and you can see several fully grown ones here and learn about how they grow, breed and survive. It’s also wonderful to see so much information about the struggles our fishing industry is facing, and what we as consumers can do to help.

The Hatchery is also carrying out very important research into lobster biology, which will help them to maintain the lobster population in the future.

Baby Lobsters

The most important work the centre is doing is looking after the little guys above. The Hatchery takes in female lobsters with eggs, hatches them, and grows the babies. This means they are protected during their most vulnerable life stage, giving more lobsters a better chance of survival than they would have in the world. As soon as they’re ready, the lobsters are released back into the sea. In2014, the National Lobster Hatchery released 53,000 juveniles into the sea around Cornwall.

The demand for seafood is rising, which will put more strain on our fish stocks. Charities like the Hatchery are doing amazing work to keep our seas and our fishermen going.

Lobster Hatchery

For a whopping £3 you can adopt your very own lobster, and cover some of the cost of his care before he’s ready to be released. Dave and I adopted a pair, and named them Rogue and Gambit. They should be big enough to take to the seas in December, and I’ll be able to use the Hatchery’s website to see where they were released.

Want to help too? You can adopt your own lobster online here, or choose to eat seafood from fishmongers and restaurants who take a small donation to ‘buy one, set one free’. You eat a tasty lobster and help the Hatchery and places like it replace that lobster in the sea. You can also keep an eye on the most sustainable way to buy and eat fish on the Good Fish Guide.


We’re Engaged!

I have SO much Disney content to share, but first I have some news.

Disney Proposal

We’re engaged! Being the adults that we are, Dave popped the question on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, at Walt Disney World.

It was our last day in the parks, and we’d decided to go back to the Magic Kingdom to go on the rides we missed the first time round, thanks to the truly horrendous rainstorms we’d had on our first attempt.

Disney Engagement

I said yes

Apparently, Dave had planned to ask earlier in the week, but rain stopped play. Our return to the Magic Kingdom seemed like the perfect time to try again.Disney has photographers dotted all over the place, and we’d already used several of them. Strolling up Main Street, castle in the background, we spotted another and stopped to pose. We took one normal photo, arms round each other, grinning like idiots, and then Dave said, “One more,” and produced the ring.

Proposal picture

Obviously, I said yes. We’re incredibly excited, and I’m so happy to have pictures of the moment. Now we just need to find a good way to celebrate now we’re home…

We’re not planning on getting hitched just yet, but there will be some more weddingy content on here while we plan. My regular content of vlogs, food reviews and nerdery will remain unchanged however, so don’t panic! I’m not about to become a wedding blogger.

Now, where’s that champagne?