International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day! I wasn’t going to blog much about this, and was intending instead to share my favourite blogging ladies in honour of the day. But then, of course, enough people annoyed me today to make me get up on my Soapbox.
Within about five minutes of getting to work, I’d been asked, “But when’s International Men’s Day?”. November 19th, actually, ok?

As usual, there’s been a lot of talk about why today is needed, but I don’t have anything new to say on this that I haven’t written on here already. See any post tagged ‘feminism’ for more information. Instead, I’m going to direct you to these brilliant blog posts over at Rosalilium and The Vagenda.

One man felt it was needed to explain to me that I was wrong to be pissed off by that tired old joke, “Women’s Day was meant to be yesterday, but they weren’t ready.” Actually, I’ll be offended by what I please, thanks. When you can’t go into a club without being groped, get stroked by a total stranger because you’re wearing a fluffy coat and have men working on the water mains make obscene comments on your walk to work (and that’s just in the last week…), then you get to decide whether I can be offended by yet another idiot making a ‘joke’.

And then…Mat Horne, he of Gavin and Stacey fame, tweeted a series of emojis (I can’t get the original tweet to display properly, but it is still on his Twitter feed), of handbags, bikinis, lipsticks, diamond rings, that kind of thing. He then hash-tagged it, #internationalwomensday. I saw the tweet, and my first thought was, ‘Oh, for God’s sake’. It bugs me when today gets trivialised. So I responded. And…well, the following exchange took place.

And then he blocked me. Yeah. That happened. Mat Horne blocked me on Twitter. Over that. Toys out of the pram much?

I will still be posting about my favourite bloggers, but it’ll be tomorrow now. Today, as much as I wish I could, I can’t stay quiet on the subject of International Women’s Day.

Samantha Brick–Do You Hate Other Women For Their Beauty?

I’ll be honest, there was a large part of me that wanted to write a Samantha Brick parody, but I’ve read three already today, so I decided it was maybe best I didn’t.

Lucky enough to not know who Samantha Brick is? Allow me to enlighten you, Samantha Brick writes charming articles for the Daily Mail, with titles like ‘Why a magazine for large women is just a big, fat con (and I should know, I used to be a size 16)’, ‘Why my husband says he’ll divorce me if I get fat’ and ‘I use my sex appeal to get ahead at work…and so does ANY woman with sense.’ Her latest contribution bewailed what a terrible time she has because of her extreme beauty. Using Daily Veil, you can read her article here without giving the Daily Mail site any hits. Of course, Twitter exploded. The article generated 30 million hits. People suggested that perhaps women do not like Ms Brick because she has a giant ego, not because she is a great beauty (which she isn’t. She’s pretty, but not so beautiful that she deserves her inflated opinion of herself). Ms Brick then wrote a second article, claiming this only proved her point and her detractors were jealous women. She chose to ignore all the men who poked fun at her.

Now, good for Samantha Brick if she has so much self-confidence, but the idea that women are such jealous creatures that we hate anybody who is more attractive than us made me a touch pissed off. Of course we don’t, what utter nonsense.

I know girls who turn heads. I lived with a cheer-leader who was into pole-fitness at university. The year we lived together, I had a sudden increase in my male friends wishing to visit me at uni. They’d never seen this girl, but she became the stuff of legend. As it happens, she’s gorgeous as well. Do I hate her? Not in the slightest. I adore that pole-dancing cheer-leading beauty. She’s one of my dearest friends. The only time I’ve ever been jealous of her was when she had more interesting food in the fridge than I did. That’s about it.

I won’t pretend that jealously is something I don’t experience, but I’m fairly sure I’ve never felt jealous over another’s looks. There are certain girls I’m less than fond of, but I can honestly say, looks play no part in it. I hope I’m never petty enough to dislike someone because they are prettier than me. I’d rather stick to dislike caused by personality clashes! Jealousy is an ugly quality. So is vanity.

Did anyone else read the ‘I’m so beautiful’ articles. What did you think of them and following madness?

Red Dragon: Rock The Red Pump Project

IMG_4880IMG_4882 (2)

  • Wales shirt
  • Shorts from Ebay (Bay, originally I think)
  • Converse shoes

The Red Pump Project is actually an American movement, but I figure, the internet is global and it’s a pretty badass cause, so here I am, taking part in Rock The Red Pump.

In America, March 10th is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, as set up by the Office of Women’s Health. For the fourth year running, they’re aiming to spread the word by getting bloggers to rock their own red pump look.

I’ve spoken before about what’s happening in America regarding women’s sexual health, so I think this year the project is even more relevant. In the States, a woman tests positive for HIV or AIDS every 47 minutes. Just imagine how much worse that statistic would be if the access to information, protection and tests does become as limited as certain American politicians seem to want it to be. The whole thing is lunacy if you ask me.

So, where am I off to in my red pump look? The shirt should be a giveaway. I’m heading off to the pub with some friends to watch the Wales v Italy game.

Cymru am byth!