Afternoon Tea at Rofuto, Birmingham

My favourite kinds of food are sushi and afternoon tea (I just love tiny cake…), so an afternoon tea at one of the best sushi places in town, Rofuto, was always going to be a winner for me.


Birmingham skyline

Oolong Tea

After the standard admiring of the view, I grabbed a Prosecco and got settled into to choose some tea. Tea and coffee is bottomless during the Afternoon Tea, for £25 a person. For £35 a head, you can also add bottomless Prosecco. My Oolong tea arrives with a pretty cup and a cute teapot.

Afternoon Tea

The Afternoon Tea is served on a tower, and is colourful and I immediately want to dive head-first into it. The selection is an interesting Asian twist on afternoon tea classics.

Bao buns

The Coronation Chicken Bao Buns are warm, with fluffy, soft buns and delicious creamy chicken feeling. I’m usually not all that fussed about Coronation Chicken, but this is delicious, and I could have eaten lots of them.


Our other savoury options are sushi. We had Smoked Pepper and Avocado Nigiri, and  a Smoked Salmon, Pickled Mooli, Inari, Orange Tobiko Uramaki. All the sushi is perfect; pretty, perfectly formed and tasty.

Rofuto Afternoon Tea

There are two kinds of scones, plain and raisin, served with Lemongrass CurdStrawberry Jam and Clotted Cream. The scones are warm, and a good size for when you still have a pile of cakes to eat. The stand out topping for me is the Lemongrass Curd which is sharp, and unusual, and a nice take on a classic.

Afternoon Tea cakes

The sweet options are almost too pretty to eat, and the flavours are unusual. The Salted Chocolate Caramel and Kalamansi Petit Gateaux is very rich, but perfect for caramel fiends like me. The Rose Lychee Macaroon is floral, and delicate. The Yuzu Cheesecake with Lime Crisps is not quite my thing, but is creamy and enjoyable. The Sesame Coated Mango And Coconut Roll is one of the most visually striking, and is fruity and tasty. My favourite is the Peanut Butter Lolly Coated in Bracelet Crumbs. If you’re not a peanut butter lover, this will be too much, but I adore it, and this is perfection.

As always with, Rofuto, everything is delicious to eat, beautiful to eat, and accompanied by excellent service.  You can read about my other visits to Rofuto here and here.

I was a guest of Rofuto and East Village. My food and drinks were complementary, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions, words and images are my own. 

Indian Street Eatery, Birmingham

Birmingham loves it’s street food, and lately, we’ve had a sudden explosion of Indian street food venues open around Birmingham. Myself and Dave joined two friends for dinner at one of the latest additions to Bennet’s Hill, the Indian Street Eatery.

The girls had an event to get to, so we chose the Street Eatery as they advertise themselves as informal, speedy dining option, with delicious Indian street food favourites. It was quiet when we arrived (and throughout our visit, actually), and we grabbed a table in the window.

Angry Indian


I forgot to write down the names and contents of our cocktails, and there isn’t a menu online, but I remember mine was the Angry Indian which was gingery and pleasant, and Dave’s…something, with blackberry, was fruity and sharp. The cocktails are pretty decent, and we enjoyed them very much. Sadly, our food took so long to arrive, we had finished the drinks and sat at an empty table for a while before any food arrived.

Methi Chicken

Oddly, my friend’s Cumin Basmati Rice (£2.50) arrived first, and nothing else appeared for ages. I understand that this is meant to be tapas style eating and things will arrive as and when they are ready, but a dish of plain rice by itself is not really ideal. The food arrival was incredibly slow, and with huge gaps between dishes appearing. My friend’s Methi Chicken (£7.95) eventually arrived to accompany her rice, and was met with good reviews.

Chicken Chaat

My Chicken Chaat (£6.25) is marinated chickpeas, grilled tandoori chicken, beetroot slaw and pomegranate. It is very tasty, pleasantly spicy and full of flavour.

Masala Fries

The Masala Fries (£3.95) are not at all as described. The menu promises fries smothered in fenugreek chaat masala and tamarind and mint yoghurt chutneys. Instead, I am served soggy fries in sticky sauce, with no sign of mint flavours, or of any chutney. Dave fared better with the Meaty Masala Fries (£6) which come with minced lamb, red onions and minty sauce. These were tasty, but a rip-off at £6 for chips

Lamb slider

Worst of all was the slider. Now, the Street Eatery encourages you to order dishes to share, and from a section called Sliders (note the plural), Dave chose the Minted Lamb Sliders (£6.50). What arrived was one, minuscule slider, which was approximately two mouthfuls. How on earth Indian Street Eatery justify the price and including this pathetic specimen on a menu of sharers, I cannot imagine.

Now, if I have a bad experience out somewhere, I would always rather solve the problem then and there, rather than write a negative review. However, the staff were unhelpful to a degree I have never seen before. The slider arrived and I questioned the tiny size. Our waiter shrugged, muttered something and walked away. Later, another staff member asked how our meal was. I replied, “Tasty, but the portion sizes are terrible.” No reply, and another walk away. A third staff member appeared later, and my friend told him the service had been very slow. “It’s cooked fresh,” he snapped, and stalked away. I’m sure it is, but for street food dishes, the eons between dishes was laughable. I also attempted to contact them after the meal, and am yet to get a response.

Frankly, the whole thing was a disappointment. The food was tasty, but that slider was a joke, and the service was glacially slow, and rude. It is also very expensive. They suggest you order 3 to 4 dishes each, but as we were a in a hurry, we ordered 2 each and still paid nearly £70 for the four of us. To put this into perspective, a week later at Mowgli (review to come!) four of us paid about the same for double the amount of better food, with excellent service.

We paid in full (unfortunately) ourselves. All opinions, words and images are my own. They didn’t know I was a blogger. 



Rajdoot Tandoori, Birmingham

Living in Birmingham, we are spoilt for choice with good Indian food. Shamefully, the sheer volume of choice often means I just don’t pick at all and stick to tried and tested favourites, but when I was invited to visit Rajdoot Tandoori  I was excited to test it out.

Rajdoot Tandoori

Rajdoot has been in business for a whopping fifty years, and have been in their current home in the Jewellery Quarter for nearly 16 years. Specialising in North Indian cuisine,  Rajdoot‘s chefs are trained in India. The restaurant has a huge bar area with comfy sofas, where you are settled with a drink while you wait for your table. Your order is taken in the bar, and you are only led to the dining room when your food is almost ready, meaning you get to stay in cosiness for as long as possible.

The dining room is classic, with crisp table clothes, candles and roses on the tables. The atmosphere is cosy, but still upmarket.

Indian food Birmingham

We are brought a little platter each of tasters of the stars of the starter options. My vegetarian dining companion is brought a slightly different, but equally delicious looking selection. We try paneer, an onion bahjee, Shish Kebab, fish tikka and chicken thigh. The flavours blend beautifully, with good spice. The stand out is the paneer for me; it’s one of my favourite Indian foods, and this is soft and lightly spiced. The meat is succulent and tender, and absolutely delicious.

National Curry Week

Next, a selection of main dishes arrive, accompanied by Basmati rice and fluffy naan breads. A mix of vegetarian and meaty curries all smell incredible. I sat for while just smelling everything, pretty content with how amazing appetising everything  smelt.

For me, the stand out was the Butter Chicken, which was creamy and rich, packed with gorgeous meat. The vegetarian dishes are excellent too. Clearly, these dishes are created with just as much pride and attention as the meatier curries, and as with the starters, absolutely everything is spiced to perfection.

It was all so tasty, I ate until I was ready to explode, but regretted nothing.


Despite the fullness, I find a corner for a sliver of Kulfi. Similar to ice-cream, this version is flavoured with pistachio and honey. The flavour actually made me think of Baklava. It is a sweet, creamy, perfect finish to the meal.

Rajdoot’s staff were all friendly and attentive, and we had a wonderful evening. There’s a reason these guys have been successful for 50 years. I highly recommend you pay them a visit.

I was a guest of Rajdoot and Delicious PR. Our food and drinks were complementary in exchange for an honest review.