The Bad Bride Diaries: I Finally Started Planning

Some little girls dream of their wedding. I was not one of those girls. I’m the first to admit, I am not a romantic, or particularly sentimental. After engaged in August, I did an initial excited Google of overpriced venues and then promptly abandoned all wedding planning. Instead, I’ve spent the last few months laughing merrily whenever anybody asks me how my wedding planning is going, or plotting the murders of people who call me ‘the future Mrs Whitney’ or ‘Mrs Whitney to be’, or occasionally idly staring at wedding dresses on Pinterest before deciding I hate them all. I am nailing this bride thing.

The Bad Bride Diaries

I have now finally accepted that if I want to have a wedding, I do actually need to plan the thing, as sadly, I don’t have the bank account to just book a planner to do it all for me. SO, I actually bothered to have a proper think about what I want. I have looked at some actual realistic venue choices, and downloaded brochures and everything. So far, I am astonished by what garbage websites lots of venues have. If I can’t find a single price guide anywhere, or even any proper pictures, I’m hitting that back button faster than you can say ‘Bridezilla’ and gone back to Google to find somewhere else.

I also figured it would be wise to start putting together a rough first draft of a guest list, just to give us a vague idea of numbers for when we look at venues. That attempt has resulted in my resolving to cause some sort of family rift, or encourage fallings out with friends, as it turns out I want more people than I expected at my ‘big day’.

I envision there being a lot of ‘I’m meant to have what,’ in my future, much swearing and general bridal rubbishness. It’s going to be quite the ride. Wish me luck…

Veganuary Options in Birmingham

Gone vegan for January? After my steak review the other day, it’s clear I have not, but lots of people I know have, and I’m beginning to hear several of those people bewail their lack of options for tasty eats around Birmingham. Never fear, I’ve investigated the best vegan friendly options in the city to get you through the rest of January and beyond.


naturally healthy foods

The vegan shop and cafe is the obvious choice for finding tasty vegan food. The flagship store in the Orion Building has a cafe attached, where you can order brunch or dinner from an array of cooked and raw options, raw desserts, kombuchas, teas, juices and much more. The store itself is well stocked with everything you could need too. I’m there for a review meal next week, so expect a full report then! If you can’t wait til then, check out what Bite Your Brum thought of the brunch.


I’ve reviewed vegetarian restaurant 1847 before. It’s a great space, with lovely food, and a large proportion of both their a la carte and express lunch menus are suitable for vegans too, with still more dishes with a vegan option available on request.

The warehouse cafe

I’m surprised I’ve never written about The Warehouse Cafe, as I’ve eaten there a few times and always liked it. Hidden away in Digbeth, once you’ve found your way in through the Friends of the Earth building, the cafe is cosy and welcoming. The whole menu is vegetarian, with many options for vegans, such as a take on a Katsu Curry, a vegan burger, a vegan chocolate brownie. Check out the write-up from Independent Birmingham.


Fressh is a relatively new addition to the city centre, serving an entirely vegan menu. With a large menu of breakfast, lunch, salads, drink and dessert items, there’s plenty of choice to keep you visiting again and again. Cast your eyes over Nutella Tasha’s review for more details.


cafe soya

An Arcadian must-visit, Cafe Soya does a great job catering for vegans, with a huge vegetarian menu. I’d recommend asking with your server first, as vegan dishes aren’t always clearly flagged on the menu in my experience, but many of the veggie dishes are vegan friendly, with a lot of incredibly convincing mock meats made from soya.

Mr Singhs pizza

Vegan pizza? Yes, really. All vegetarian pizzeria, Mr Singh’s, offers lots of vegan choices from a faux Pepperoni to a Vegetarian Supreme piled high with veg. They offer takeaway too, so this is a good replacement for your usual cheese filled choice from the local pizza shop.

cherry reds

I love Cherry’s, and I’ve reviewed it before. But what about options for vegan eating? They offer a delicious sounding vegan breakfast, a vegan burger, and several vegan options from the main and sharers menu. They often have vegan cakes on offer too, just ask at the till.


I loved Mowgli when I visited. Indian food is often a great option for more interesting vegan choices. Mowgli have a seperate vegan menu available, which makes figuring out what you can eat incredibly easy. You can get all sorts, including puri, dahls, chickpea dishes, curries and lots more. Gorgeous.

There are lots of places to get your eat on, and I’d love to hear any suggestions you have! Looking for more choices? I highly recommend you follow Nutella Tasha who is always full of good tips for the best vegan food in town, and the Ting Thing. Ting recently went plant based in her diet, and focuses her reviews on the ease of ordering, catering to dietary requirements and information available, which is incredibly helpful for making informed choices.


Medicine, Birmingham

There’s a new king of baked goods in town. Hidden away at the top end of New Street is Medicine, a bakery, coffee shop and gallery space from the mind behind the famous Medicine Bar that was once part of The Custard Factory.

Medicine Bakery

We went in this weekend to check out the gorgeous looking cake that’s being gracing my Instagram timeline. The cafe itself is a gorgeous space, that sort of reminds me of a cafe in a museum. It’s popular too, so go early if you want the most choice. On our lunchtime visit there was a queue down the stairs and the supply of the already infamous cronuts and kruffins was dwindling.

Medicine Coffee

We ordered some lunch and settled into a table with a hot drink. The Hot Chocolate (£3) was rich and creamy, and disappeared quickly. My latte (£2.50) was excellent. The coffee is strong, and well balanced, and the latte was excellently made. Great value too!

Mushroom Grilled Cheese

For lunch, I chose the Mushroom and Comté Sourdough Grilled Cheese (£4). The sourdough is freshly baked, and it shows. It had a good strong sour flavour and was light and fluffy, with good crisp from toasting. It was oozy with cheese and tasty, garlicy mushrooms. Delicious, light lunch.

Rueben on Rye

Dave’s Rueben on Rye (£5) was almost appealing enough to tempt me, and I don’t like rye bread. The bread is filled with salt beef, pickles and american mustard. The mustard was strong, and a perfect partner to the soft, tender salt beef. Having eaten the real deal in the States, Dave was impressed this version.

Nutella Blondie

Onto the important part. The cake! Dave chose a Nutella Blondie (£3.50). It was firm and chewy, with plenty of chocolate running through.


My Cronut (£3.50) was incredible. The pastry is light and flaky, and was filled with a chocolate cream. The chocolate top is sprinkled with dried fruit, nuts, chocolate drops and marshmallows. The things are huge too, and I had to give up before the end. It was gorgeous, and I really want to go back and try the other flavours. The fruit topped ones look so pretty, and I bet they’re tasty.

I was really impressed with Medicine. Everything looked amazing, and our meal was decent value and delicious. We’ll be back.

We paid in full ourselves. All prices correct at the time of writing. I didn’t tell them I was a blogger. All words, images and opinions are my own, and my property.