Yorks Bakery Cafe, Birmingham

Ah, Yorks. A staple of Birmingham brunch, the place to get your caffeine fix, and a fixture of Brummie coolness. With a half day off work, I decided a brunch treat was in order.

Yorks Bakery Cafe

I went along to the branch on Stephenson Street and quickly bagged a table. It was busy, but not crowded, which is ideal. I like some background buzz, but I don’t want to fight for a table. I love the interiors at Yorks. The exposed brick, the quirky art on the walls, the unfinished wood tables…all these things tick boxes in my little hipster heart and I love it. It feels relaxed and welcoming, but also makes you feel a bit cool just for being there.

I ordered a latte from the friendly girl at the till, and it arrived really quickly. I like the size of coffee they serve at Yorks. I don’t need a Starbucks style mug the size of my head that I have to lift with both hands. This serving is sensible, just enough to sit and slip it slowly while reading my book, without finding its gone cold before I reach the bottom of the cup.

Yorks Coffee is all roasted on site, so it’s very fresh and full of flavour. I always think it has a liquorice scent to it, with a little hint of that in the flavour. I always end up putting in piles of sugar when I have coffee at Yorks as the roast is a little rich for my tastes. If you like your coffee strong though, it’s a great option. I do think it’s a shame they don’t offer any of the coffee syrups. I understand it’s not really their vibe, but a basic like me needs her caramel syrup and I’d probably go there more often if I could order the coffee I want.

Brunch in Birmingham

Why do I go there if I can’t order my basic bitch Caramel Latte, I hear you ask? THE FOOD. I love Yorks’ brunches. I always spend ages agonising over the menu, trying to choose. Do I want an Eggs Benedict? A cooked breakfast? My usual Avocado Smash that I order everywhere? Arabian Buttered Eggs? I always have to suppress the urge to ask for one of everything. This time, I went for the Shakshuka, which is middle eastern baked eggs with labneh, served with a hunk of sourdough bread. I’ve not tried the Shakshuka at Yorks before, but it’s a dish I love. My first experience of it was having it cooked for me by the lovely Penny from Rats as Big as Cats, on an evening we decided to have a grown-up dinner party with a friend, instead of going out drinking. Eating Shakshuka always makes me think of the first time I had it, sitting round the table with two of my very favourite humans, drinking vats of red wine. Shakshuka should be cosy making.

Yorks Birmingham

The huge chunk of bread was a nice touch. Shakshuka is made for dunking, and this was great. It was beautifully spiced, with just enough kick to show off the middle eastern roots of the dish, without blowing your head off at breakfast time. Served in the pan, the portion made a filling breakfast without making me feel heavy. My only issue would be the egg yolks were just slightly over cooked. I want to dunk the bread into the egg and get delicious golden yolk goodness running all through the dish. It didn’t have quite the ooze factor. I would absolutely order this again though!

All in all, it was a lovely, relaxed start to the morning.

I paid in full at Yorks Bakery Cafe. All opinions are honest and my own. Yorks didn’t know I was a blogger.