Grand Designs Live with Eat Sleep Live

Grand Designs Live

Despite living in a rented flat, I still love a good daydream about what I might do with a house I owned. In these daydreams I’m generally a millionaire, obviously, so all the amazing Pinterest style ideas are totally feasible, on budget and will fit in my imaginary manor house.

Grand Designs Live is like Pinterest in real life, so when Eat, Sleep, Live invited me to check out the show, I jumped at the chance. It helped too, that Eat, Sleep, Live seemed like a brand I wanted to own myself.

Reclaimed wood furniture

All their furniture is made from reclaimed wood, which gives all the pieces warmth and texture. We saw several of their pieces on their stand, including this beautiful bed. I think my favourites are their dining sets though. Their large tables are perfect for gathering all your friends together, and the Cavendish set has joined my dream kitchen. We chatted to owner Mark, who was absolutely lovely too, which always helps. His dream was to create beautiful, high-quality furniture, that could rival mass produced furniture, without being a stupid price.

Wood Furniture

One of my favourite parts of Grand Designs (and Ikea, I admit) is the room sets. This year, the rooms were inspired by famous TV shows. Can you spot which they are?

In the gardens section, we found similar sets, but all based in garden sheds. This could be a great one for renters, or young people with limited space in their homes. The idea was to turn the humble garden shed into an extra room, rather than a dumping ground for the lawn mower. We saw sheds reimagined as reading rooms, craft spaces, a spare bedroom…everything!

I’m not sure I’d want to sleep in the shed, but using the shed as a craft space or study is genius. I’ve seen people do this with summer houses, so why not the shed? Ideal, and such a cheap way to expand your space.

As usual I was drawn mostly to colour, which clearly shows I could never live in one of those very minimal white houses. I found myself snapping a lot of lights too. Perhaps I should look at making a feature of some coloured lights at home! 

We also managed to catch one of the Miele Kitchen Live sessions, where the Miele chefs were joined by none other than Kevin McCloud himself. He was actually hilarious, which I didn’t expect, and he was a pleasure to watch.

Kevin McCloud

Of course, after all this planning a house we don’t own, we’d worked up an appetite so we had to buy an extravagant amount of sweets to recover.

Thank you for inviting my Eat, Sleep, Live! We had a great time. Save a Cavendish table and benches for us…

I was invited, with a plus one, to attend Grand Designs in London. Eat, Sleep, Live sent me two tickets in exchange for a blog post, but I was not obliged to review their products. All opinions are honest and my own.