2017 – Hustle

“Life is like going the wrong way on a moving walkway. Stand still and you go backwards. Walk and you stay put. Gotta hustle to get ahead.” – Farrelly Brothers

In 2015, I stopped making resolutions for the New Year and started setting themes for the year ahead. For 2015, I was saying yes. I spent a year saying yes to more things. It was amazing, but tiring, so 2016 became about balance. Learning when to say yes and when to say no.

2016 was quite a year. I lost my job, tried freelance, started a new job. David moved in. I joined a fledgling radio station. My cosplay page grew from hitting 500 likes at the end of 2015, to starting this year creeping up on 5000.

I’ve been thinking about my highlights for 2016. I have ‘stills’ from the year that stand out as the moments I was happiest, and most of them are daft. At Destination Star Trek, standing with people I’d met that weekend, arm raised in the vulcan salute, while Chase Masterson spoke about hope, love and friendship found in a shared fandom. Crowded round a microphone with the Geeky Brummie team, laughing hysterically at a stupid joke about Shaft. Watching my friends, people I met this year, gallop away from the cinema, imitating the highly ridiculous dance from the film we’d just seen. Being stopped for the first time at a convention with the words, “I’m a fan of yours.” TFNation, speaking to amazing costume creators. Interviewing John Barrowman.

2017? Let’s do more. I found the right balance of yes and no, and I’ve learned to chase the fun, so I’ll be keeping that up. For this year, the theme is hustle. Deciding what I want and going out to grab it. I want to make more costumes, work harder at my cosplay, have more shoots and guest at more events. I want to help Geeky Brummie become as successful as we can.

Let’s hustle.