Reasons I am Bridget Jones

Despite not being a singleton, my friends are always amused by my ‘Bridget Jones’ life of what I like to call ‘charming incompetence’. I might like to think I’m Robin Scherbatsky, but let’s be honest, I’m probably a Bridget. Here’s my reassons I am Bridget Jones.

There’s never anything in my fridge

Reason I am Bridget Jones

Not strictly true, right now there is wine in there. And tonic water and some Brie. Totally fine.

As Tatianna says, Choices. 

Bridget Jones vodka

I actually don’t choose vodka, I choose gin. But the point stays…I like a drink, what can I say?

I know my own limitations


In a nice way, of course, but feeling competent doesn’t come naturally. Does it for any of us?

I have great intentions of glamour, but they never quite go as planned. 


I have it all planned. Shame I don’t have the glamorous personality to match, and always end up knocking something over or spilling a drink into my bag or tripping over my own feet. One day…

I know the importance of a good dance session


Sometimes the only thing to do is vogue.

I can rock a costume


Cosplayer. Come on. No such thing as awkward in a costume.

Cooking is not my strong point


Let’s not even go though. I once used a bottle of rum as a rolling pin. At least I’ve never made blue soup I suppose.

I’m crap at exercise


It’s even worse than my cooking. No, really.

My friends are mad as a bag of cats, but absolutely wonderful


The best way for friends to be. Mad as hell, but the best human beings.