Friday Round Up

Links, loves and Instagrams from the last week. And the weekly vlog.

Friday Round Up

Digbeth  – I have a real soft spot for Digbeth. I worked there for quite a while and it has a charm I can’t really pinpoint. I love the hidden gems of Digbeth. There are some truly amazing bars, cafes and restaurants that appear out of nowhere out of the industrial units, and the street art is stunning. Dave and I went for brunch at Fazeley Social, and had a walk to check out the graffiti. In true Digbeth style, we bumped into several friends almost instantly. Another part of that Digbeth charm…

MCM – Obviously, last weekend was MCM London. There’s lot of cosplay in the vlog, but it was one of my favourite cons for a long time. Staying so close made so much difference. I was so chilled all weekend, enjoyed my costumes and my shoots and bought some great stuff. We had dinner with friends, rode the Skyline and saw Doctor Strange. AND, I finally met Gone Rogue Cosplay.

Great British Shake Off – On Tuesday, I put my #BrumHour hat on and headed to Cafe Opus for the Mega Shake Off. I created a milkshake with vanilla, espresso, caramel and hazelnut, and it turns out this milkshake, named George’s Marvellous Milkshake, does bring all the boys to the yard, because I only went and won. You can now buy George’s Marvellous Milkshake at Cafe Opus.

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