Cosplay 101: Interacting With Cosplayers

Cosplay 101

You’ve waited for months. You’ve queued for hours. You’re finally in the the convention hall, and there they are. The cosplayers. Like a strange alien species in elaborate armour, light-up props and monster heels. Now what?

I know some people feel shy about approaching cosplayers, so here’s my guide on the etiquette of interacting with cosplayers at conventions.


We’ve worked hard on these costumes. Please do ask us for photos! We like it, promise. Most cosplayers are flattered to be asked and will be more than happy to pose for you. There are some exceptions of course. Don’t forget, cosplayers are people too. If the cosplayer you want to photograph is eating, sitting and taking a break or otherwise resting…please leave them be. Wait and catch them later. One other thing I find really odd is when people take photos of you without asking, when they’re walking past you or stood a little way away. If I’m walking somewhere or talking to someone and your sneak photo comes out with me making a weird face or an important costume detail covered, on your head be it. Just ask. Cosplayers don’t bite. You’ll get a much nicer picture if we know you’re taking it!

Oh, and I hope I don’t need to tell you guys, but sneaky pictures of bums and cleavage is not okay. 

Silk Spectre Pin-Up

Comments and Conversation

Again, I promise we don’t bite. Come and talk to us. Personally, I am always more than happy to chat about the costume or the character, and I have made so many friends just chatting to people at conventions. Never feel like you can’t go and start a conversation with someone. On a similar note to above though, keep respect in mind. Whatever the character, there’s still a person in there, so keep it appropriate, yeah? At the risk of sounding like your mum, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

And the rest…

It should go without saying,  but if you’re posing with cosplayers, check before slinging an arm round them or touching them at all. You might mean it in a matey way, but not everybody is happy being touched or hugged by strangers. Definitely no grabbing. They might look incredible, but groping is never, ever acceptable.