Cosplay 101: Travelling In Cosplay

Cosplay 101

Travelling in cosplay can be an interesting experience. I usually travel in cosplay, but there are things to be considered.

Where can I change when I get there?

If you’re planning to change when you arrive at the convention, check that there is actually somewhere to do so first. If you’re planning on changing in the loos, be aware that whatever you change into you need to be able to cram into a bathroom stall. If you need help getting into parts of your costume, this is worth considering too. I usually choose to get ready at home, because there’s more room, proper mirrors and it’s easy to get help if I need it.

Are my props or costume going to cause alarm?

If you’re going to use public transport, it’s worth thinking about what reaction your costume might cause in the general public. Anything too realistically military or police force looking is likely to causes issues. It causes people to get nervous, and can get you into trouble. Cover up badges, or add on the last bits of costume when arrive.

With props, make sure weapons are put away and not visible. You know it’s fake, Joe Public might not. It’s not worth getting arrested…

Will I be safe if I travel like this? 

I covered large props in a previous cosplay 101, but again, make sure any delicate props will be safe to transport.

Are you going to be travelling alone, or late at night? Will your costume generate unwanted attention, either from idiots who think a costume is a reason to hassle you, or if you’re wearing something sexy or skimpy, a reason to hit on you. I always take a coat or long jacket to wear over small costumes to I’m safe to travel without being bothered. Be safe out there!

Travelling in cosplay can be a lot of fun, but keep your wits about you and make sure you arrive safely.