Hillarys Crafternoon

Hillary's Crafternoon

Hillarys Blinds are taking the new collection of fabrics out on the road, rounding up bloggers around the country to create some crafty delights with their new range. With The Crafty Hen on board to teach us, a crowd of Birmingham bloggers and I descended on the Custard Factory to get our craft on.

The event was organised by my favourites, Joe Blogs, who can always be relied upon to put together a great fun event. Greeted with a cuppa, I settled down and was soon busily gossiping with the other girls there.

Our first challenge was making a reusable fabric cover for notebooks. I selected some pretty fabric from the new range (which is all beautiful, by the way), and got to work. With craft experts on hand to guide us, and very helpful cheat sheets, this task was actually surprisingly simple. After a good raid on all the polka dot buttons I could find, my notebook actually looked pretty! The craft was simple, and probably a great one to try if you’re trying to get little ones into crafting. Confidence began to grow around the room. This was easy! We were craft experts. 

Oh, what fools we were. Next up – a bird. Sounds simple, right? Easy pattern with two pieces. Choose and cut out your fabric, sew the two pieces together, stuff with fluffy stuff – job done. No. I cannot sew by hand. At least, not neatly. The pattern part was fun. The stuffing was fine, but my God, my sewing. My bird needed a fair bit of emergency restitching to keep his insides, well, inside. I showed him to a friend, who thought he was a dolphin. Most of us failed at making actual bird-looking birds, instead creating mutants, fish-birds and sea-lions. Still, it was great fun, and we didn’t stop laughing. You don’t have to be good at craft to enjoy it, it turns out.

Here’s my notebook and bird-dolphin. Don’t laugh.


I may not be about to join the Great British Sewing Bee, but I did have a whole heap of fun, and went home with a pretty notebook, and more inclination to actually make stuff. I clearly need the practice anyway…

But look at all these happy faces! Who cares if your bird looks like a sea-lion?

Joe's Bloggers You can read a little more about Hillarys grand tour on their blog. Thanks for a brilliant fun afternoon, Joe Blogs and Hillarys. Me and my bird-dolphin enjoyed ourselves immensely.