Birmingham Independent Food Fair

Birmingham Independent Food Fair

Last weekend, I set off for Millennium Point to eat myself silly at Birmingham Independent Food Fair. The Fair is run by Ahmed, the founder of Dine Birmingham. Ahmed is passionate about the Birmingham food scene, and with great cause. The food scene here really is fantastic. Birmingham actually has the most Michelin star restaurants outside of London, as well as some of the best independents around. The Food Fair celebrated those independents, covering everything from bars and coffee shops to fancy restaurants.

After spotting a giant queue for Paella (one of my favourite foods anyway), I decided to join it, figuring it had to mean it was great. It was. The smell alone was delicious. I followed that up beautiful olive bread, a lamb and mint sausage (tasty, but challenging to eat off a cocktail stick…), a goat’s cheese salad ‘bon-bon’, salted caramel truffles, maple bacon cookies and a Rum-Zinger Cocktail.

Seriously, the stuff our independents is putting out is stunning. Every stall was heaving with delicious treats, and there was some really creative stuff being shown too, with inventive flavour combinations all over the place. After sampling some of the treats on offer, I am determined to start working my way round the best foody spots in town. No more chains for this girl! You just don’t have to around here, there are enough fabulous independent bars, coffee shops and eateries to keep you busy for ages. I can’t wait to start my foody explorations.

Where should I go first?

  • Maple bacon cookies?! I made some bacon and honey muffins recently, figured cakes with bacon in might be the ultimate, but I want to know about these cookies now!

    • They weren’t very bacony – but they were tasty! I think the bacon was in very small bits to cut the sweetness with some salt. Those muffins sound intriguing though!

  • Glad you enjoyed the cookies! As you quite rightly say, the bacon is there to compliment the other flavours rather than just creating a bacon flavoured cookie.

    We had our Elvis cupcake at the fair too which adds a caramelised shard of bacon to the top for that extra hit of bacon. 🙂

    Liking the photos of the fair..!

    • I did see your Elvis cakes, and thought they looked great! That peanut butter cup cake was the one I really wanted to take home though.