100 Happy Days

The 100 Happy Days Challenge is complete. 100 pictures of small moments of happiness, taken over 100 days. It’s quite bittersweet, I must say. I’m proud of completing, and there’s some nice little moments in there I might have missed otherwise.

100 Happy Days

The challenge finished on Thursday. Tom broke up with me on Friday. Unwittingly, I documented the last 100 days of my relationship. So many of the pictures are of things connected with that relationship. Tom is in there a couple of times, days and evenings spent together, snippets of the home we shared, time with his family…I’ve made a record of happy moments I won’t have again. If I’d known…

I started the project before Tom got his job in Cambridge, and I struggled for a week or two to find the moments to document after he was gone. And now he really is gone. Those pictures of my home, of the little changes I was so excited about as I gradually made that flat ours…it already isn’t home. Pretty soon, I won’t live there. I worked hard to find things I liked in Coventry, to make it somewhere I wanted to be. It feels like time wasted now.

I wanted to have a collection of photos from the 100 Happy Days to look back on that I would find cheering and that would help me remember those first things I found to enjoy about Coventry, the early changes of a home I thought we’d share for a long time, the small, silly moments like making treats in the kitchen, being excited to have him home…The pictures are all here. I’m a completist, and wanted to share the complete challenge, but I think this will be the last time I look at them. I don’t want to look through, and wonder at what point in that challenge we weren’t happy after all.

  • I’m sorry to hear that. That sentence gave me chills and this post was beautifully written.. Hope you feel better soon.