#BEDM – Being Adventurous


Adventures are a brilliant thing. The best way to have adventures, if you ask me, is to bite the bullet and just say “YES!” It’s easy to get stuck in a place we feel comfortable and secure. But sometimes, scary or not, jumping into something new is the best thing for us.

One of the maddest things I’ve ever done was when I moved away from my home town. I’d left a job that was making me crazy, had a break-up and was generally feeling flat after graduating. So I packed up and moved to a new place. I went to Bath, where I’d visited only once and where I knew only a couple of people. I’d never lived alone before, but I found myself a little flat and off I went.

The year I lived in Bath was a hard one. I was beyond broke, and quite lonely, as I found it a difficult place to meet people I didn’t work with. But at the same time, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I learnt to live alone, to live on a tight budget and to enjoy my own company. I learnt I’m made of sterner stuff than I thought. I got through that year and moved again. And it wasn’t so scary. I’d moved across the country before, and this time I had a great job to go to, and Tom to move in with.

That year has made life better. I’m not phased by new places, by having to spend time alone, or away from Tom. I can budget like a champ and I’ve learnt that sometimes the scariest things are worth doing for what they bring later.