Project Wonder Woman #3

Whip It

I’M GONNA BE A ROLLERGIRL! Yeah, it happened at last. One newbie day complete. I mentioned a while back I was on the waiting list with Coventry City Derby Dolls. It’s been a couple of months and I still haven’t heard anything, but I saw on Twitter that Birmingham Blitz Dames were having a Newbie Day on Saturday. So I went.
I was convinced I would stand up on skates and immediately hit the deck, but by some miracle I didn’t. I was unsteady, but gradually found I felt more confident on skates as the morning went on. The veteran Dames taught us a few techniques to stop and how to fall safely. Other than on purpose to practice safe falls, I actually didn’t fall over! Miraculous. I did trip over my own skate a bit when practicing a knee slide, but other than that, my skates stayed mostly where they’re supposed to. It was hard-work, and I HURT so much today, but it was brilliant fun. Thursdays and Saturdays are now derby days. After a month, I’ll be an official member of the league, which is awesome. Roll on being a proper Blitz Dame.

Skating twice a week means I’ll have to reshuffle my routine a bit so I can still fit in the 30 Day Shred and Couch to 5k. I really want to keep up both of those. Cross-training is really important for derby. The fitter I am, the better my endurance will be, and the easier I’ll find drills. I want to work particularly on my core strength so I can improve my derby stance. Correct stance (because it’s more stable) is very low, basically a deep squat, which is hard on the legs and the lower back. A stronger core will make that much easier!

I’m trucking on with 100 Happy Days, but I keep forgetting to post them on Twitter. The shots will all be in my Friday Round Up posts though, and get added to my Facebook the same day.

I had a reshuffle of my Pinterest recipe board last week. I split my ‘recipes’ board into two; one for healthy recipes and one for ‘treats’. I’ll be working through both boards, as well as my recipe books and trying out a couple of new recipes a month. We had a giant Sainsburys order delivered yesterday, including ingredients for some Peanut Butter bars that Tom requested after seeing the pin, and a delicious looking Burrito bowl salad. I’ll report back on how I get on!
I’ve started the week well, by making up a couple of knock-offs of the Starbucks Bircher pots, with oats, frozen fruit and yogurt, which I’m finding make a good deskfast. I’ve also made up good lunches so far, with a ton of fruit to go with my usual wrap.

All in all, a good week, I think, despite my legs trying to fall off after all that skating.