A New Home

I’m moving into my new flat with Tom in just over a week and I am beyond excited. I’m already plotting where to put all my things, and of course gazing lovingly at things I would love to treat myself to. Unfortunately, with shelling out on moving, it’ll be a while before any of these beauties can come and live with me.



I already have one of those Ikea squares bookcases, but we really want a second, so we can have one each, on either side of the fireplace. This is what happens with two bookworms in a house.
I also want some pretty arty bits, like that gorgeous tea and books print, and of course we need some Star Wars prints on our walls. The wooden letters are mostly because I think it’s hilarious that with our initials we’re a G&T.
I’m a hoarder of cushions, but I can always find room for a fluffy one. This rug is pretty cool too, and would look awesome in my new living room.
Most of all though? That red polka dot bedding. If I was a duvet cover, I would be this one. Red and polka dots are my thing. The SECOND I have the money spare, these are being bought and going on my bed. I won’t be satisfied until they are.